Renting Choice

In every business, there are times when you need equipment that you don’t have . . . and you need it now!

That’s where we come in. Our extensive rental fleet is ready and waiting for just these moments. And if on occasion we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll search fast and furiously through our vast dealer network to find it.


Kelly Evans Rental Manager

For immediate help with your rental needs,
contact our Rental Manager, Kelly Evans,
at 732-220-0444, ext. 101


  • What type of power to use : Electric, Propane, Gasoline, or Diesel.
  • Load Capacity: How heavy is the product that you are lifting?
  • Dimensions of the Facility such as lift height, aisle size, or doorway measurements.
  • Are you using the machine indoors vs outdoors?
  • Please have your business’s certificate of insurance handy if you are a new customer. Unfortunately, Tri-Lift NJ does not rent directly to private individuals, only businesses.
  • When deciding between electric or internal combustion forklifts, you need to consider where your forklift will be operating, what your application is, and what your lifting capacity is.
  • Generally, electric forklifts cannot be used outside. If your application involves handling food, you probably need an electric forklift. If you are lifting very heavy loads, you will most likely need a diesel lift truck.
  • If you determine that you must have an electric lift truck for your application, you will need to also rent a charger for the machine as well.
  • You can always Contact our Rental Manager if you need help figuring out the best forklift for your application.
  • Cushion tires are ideal for indoor applications with smooth floors such as manufacturing facilities or warehouses. Cushion forklifts sit much lower to the ground, so they have a smaller turning radius.
  • Air Pneumatic tires are most useful outside on pavement, but can be used indoors as well.
  • Solid Pneumatic tires are made of solid rubber and most ideal for applications such as lumber or scrap metal yards because you cannot puncture them on sharp objects.

Urgency is our protocol, and we are here to provide you with what you need, when you need it. In many cases, Tri-Lift NJ can provide you with a rental within 24 hours. If you are a new customer, having your certificate of insurance handy will significantly expedite the process. Also, you must complete a credit application before you can rent a forklift.

Forklift rentals vary in cost depending on what type of machine and lifting capacity you would like to rent. Also, if you do not have a flatbed, there will be a delivery charge to drop off and pickup the machine from your location. To find out your lowest rate possible, please Contact our Rental Manager or Request a Rental Quote.




Rental equipment is delivered on time or the trucking fee is waived.

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