Builders General specializes in supplying NJ with quality building materials & supplies at affordable prices. 



Builders General is a reputable regional supplier in NJ, providing high-quality building materials to a rapidly expanding customer base. Their clientele includes developers, custom and spec homebuilders, general contractors, commercial builders, renovation experts, and even do-it-yourself homeowners. To effectively cater to this regional market, Builders General operates four strategically located lumber yards.

As Builders General continued growing, ownership recognized two significant factors that were impacting their forklift fleet – their lumber yards, and their service provider.


Builders General lumber yards are renowned for presenting challenging conditions that push machines to their limits. The operating environment, predominantly unpaved, subjects forklifts to treacherous ground conditions. This combined with the hot summers and cold winters of NJ creates an application that truly tests the capabilities of these machines.

Moreover, the service provider responsible for the maintenance and repair of Builders General’s forklift fleet was initially chosen to service their delivery trucks, rather than specializing in forklift maintenance. This mismatch between the service provider’s expertise and the specific needs of the forklifts further underscored the challenges faced by Builders General in ensuring optimal performance and reliability of their equipment.

Realizing the limitations of their current forklift types and their existing service provider, Builders General sought alternative solutions. While diesel forklifts were traditionally the go-to choice for rugged applications like theirs, the revolutionary advancements in electric forklift technology have produced electric forklifts that can now meet and exceed IC forklift performance. Specifically, the CAT Electric Pneumatic 6 & 11 Series, now boast powerful acceleration, industry-leading lift speeds, and the ability to withstand environments that previously only internal combustion forklifts could master. Recognizing these benefits, Builders General sought a full service provider with not only a rugged selection of electric forklift options, but also specializing in forklift maintenance and repair.


Tri-Lift NJ became the trusted partner for Builders General, stepping in when their aging diesel forklift fleet and mismatched service provider could no longer meet their needs. The decision to transition away from diesel was motivated by the fuel’s cost and the additional maintenance requirements it entailed, unlike electric forklifts.

Now equipped with a fleet of over 12 electric pneumatic forklifts, Builders General enjoys numerous advantages. All machines are part of Tri-Lift NJ’s planned maintenance plan, ensuring meticulous adherence to factory specifications. Consequently, uptime has increased, unexpected downtime has decreased, and maintenance costs have been significantly reduced. Furthermore, the elimination of fuel costs provides substantial long-term savings when multiplied across the entire fleet.

Additionally, Builders General places a strong emphasis on employee training and safety. With their in-house Forklift Operator Trainers, who have undergone the Tri-Lift NJ Train the Trainer program, they can efficiently and safely train new operators as needed. This investment has already proven worthwhile, as the courses have covered their own costs. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Builders General’s operations run smoothly while prioritizing the well-being of their employees.

Tri-Lift NJ has played an instrumental role in empowering Builders General to achieve substantial cost savings and enhance operational efficiency, thereby ensuring Builders unwavering commitment to delivering the exceptional support that both their business and residential customers have come to rely on for an impressive span of 92 years. Discover the transformative impact that Tri-Lift NJ can bring to your own operations and experience firsthand the benefits they can offer.

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