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LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a trusted supply chain partner with a mission to advance the world’s supply chains. Centrally located in Florence, Kentucky, they have been meeting the logistics needs of lean manufacturers since 2005.

Brent Cable, industrial engineer, explains, “At LeanCor, the mission is to advance the world’s supply chains, and here at our facility, we’re running the Jungheinrich® (forklifts) to show customers that what we say on paper is actually what we’re doing in the facilities efficiently.”

Jungheinrich Warehouse Equipment


When you step into the LeanCor warehouse, you immediately notice how organized the facility is. Forklifts are moving in and out of aisles quickly and quietly; the floors and racking are all exceptionally clean.

LeanCor needs to stay organized as they operate on a 24/7 schedule, stopping only to opportunity charge their Jungheinrich lift trucks. “We operate 8-hour shifts and they’re running the equipment about 7 hours of those 8 hours. We don’t change batteries here. We just run the (reach truck) throughout the shift and opportunity charge,” says Cable.


One important factor for LeanCor when choosing a forklift brand was how efficiently it could operate in tight aisles. Foster says, “We have several tight aisles here at LeanCor, and the Jungheinrich (forklifts) help me get the job done in those aisles efficiently.” Forklift operator Robert Lee Spry also commented on the ability to maneuver in tight aisles with the Jungheinrich lift truck. “My favorite feature about the reach truck is the fact that it’s able to literally circle a 90-degree radius and sit still in the spot it’s in.” He later added, “We’re constantly spinning, constantly driving in and out of aisles and tight spaces. I’m able to spin that wheel freely and really fast when I need to.”

When the Jungheinrich reach truck was first brought into the LeanCor facility, most operators had never driven the brand before. Foster explains, “When I started with LeanCor, I’d never driven a Jungheinrich truck, but after about a week I had the controls down and it just felt natural to me.”

Spry reiterates, “The controls were very easy to learn. It took me roughly 30 minutes to pick them up compared to (competitive trucks), which were a little more complex.”

Reach Truck
Narrow Aisle Reach Truck


LeanCor relentlessly focuses on lead-time reduction, and they realize that the pace-setting process guides all supply-chain activities. No other brand of forklift was able to meet their high demands and fast-paced schedule.

Cable says, “The (Jungheinrich) equipment that we have is top of the line and really stands out compared to what we used to have. We get a lot of feedback from the (reach truck) operators who have driven different (forklifts) in the industry, and then drive the Jungheinrich. At first they’re like, ‘Oh this is different,’ but once they’re here for a week or two, it starts to turn into their favorite truck.” 

Jungheinrich Reach Trucks
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