Mid Valley Foods

Founded in 1979, Mid Valley Foods is a family-owned wholesale meat and food distributor located in California’s Central Valley. Customers from large-scale supermarkets to small restaurants rely on Mid Valley Foods to deliver their orders on time, and Mid Valley expects its lift trucks to perform.

Electric Pallet Truck


Over the years, the business grew from a small-sized meat distributor to a powerhouse in the wholesale food distribution industry. To keep pace with its rapid growth, Mid Valley soon moved its operation to a newly constructed, state-of-the-art facility with over 25,000 sq. ft. of space, including a large refrigerated and freezer area. Tripling Mid Valley’s operational capacity, management turned their attention to finding the right walkies to move the business forward.

Owner Cheri Casey states, “Obviously, we experienced equipment that was not cost-effective, because of repairs, time down, that type of thing.” She continues, “We find that this piece of equipment has been the workhorse we needed it to be.”


Mid Valley converted its mixed fleet of aging forklifts to the Jungheinrich® pallet trucks and saw a huge increase in efficiency. “The pickers are more efficient now. We’ve seen a 20 percent increase in their cases per man-hour. Obviously, from an efficiency standpoint – that’s huge. We can pick more with less people,” says Casey.

Chief Operating Officer Chris Reed explains why the Jungheinrich EJEs were a win from an operation’s standpoint. “I see all the bills come across my desk, and other than preventative maintenance, I haven’t spent much money on these units at all.” He continues, “If we have a (forklift) go down, it really impacts our business, especially out in the field where I’ve seen zero downtime. It’s all been 100% uptime, which is great.”

Mid Valley’s managers and operators were so happy with the original nine Jungheinrich pallet trucks that a year later they decided to purchase an additional nine units for use on the company’s delivery trucks.

Casey explains the decision. “I loved that we could set speeds, because our (delivery truck) drivers are at a lower speed than they are in the warehouse. They are out there in the rain, they’re out there in different terrain, and when they’re on a lift gate, I want to know that (the walkie) isn’t going to jump forward, that it’s not going to move too quickly while they’re trying to manage a load on there – for their well-being as well as making sure the product gets delivered the way it should.”

EJE Electric Pallet Jack
EJE 120 Pallet Jack


Looking to the future, when Mid Valley originally purchased the land for its current facility, management planned for expansion. They intend to rely on Jungheinrich forklifts to help them along the way.

Reed says, “We are absolutely happy on the operations side, on multiple levels. From an efficiency standpoint and obviously on the cost side. Trying to run a business on low cost operation and high uptime – it’s been a win all the way around.”

EJE Electric Pallet Jack
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