Porcelanosa is a Spanish company that specializes in the production and distribution of ceramic tiles, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and other home and building materials. Founded in 1973, Porcelanosa has grown to become a leading global brand in the design and manufacturing of contemporary and innovative products for the home and commercial spaces.


Porcelanosa maintains a robust global presence, marked by an extensive network of showrooms and distribution centers across the world. Among these, the Ramsey, NJ hub emerges as a critical linchpin in the eastern seaboard’s distribution network. However, despite its vital role, the Ramsey DC soon confronted the reality that it was struggling to keep pace with the surging demands imposed by its extensive network.


Given the substantial weight of the merchandise, comprising tiles, stone, and marble, the operation presented a challenging environment for Porcelanosa’s forklifts. The aging fleet of equipment was plagued by frequent, unexpected breakdowns, causing substantial disruptions in fulfilling customer and retail orders promptly. In addition, repair costs were spiraling out of control, necessitating a fundamental change.


Enter Tri-Lift NJ, Porcelanosa’s trusted partner. Following a comprehensive assessment of the situation, it became evident that various issues were impeding daily operations. Porcelanosa had been investing in equipment ill-suited for the demands of the job. The remedy came in the form of Jungheinrich. These warehouse products are renowned for their remarkable efficiency, capable of running two shifts on a single charge. With their exceptional energy efficiency, these trucks seamlessly navigate the demands of daily operations.

In an astute move, Tri-Lift’s sales team proposed an advantageous equipment leasing option, supplanting equipment ownership. Alongside this, a comprehensive extended warranty and total maintenance plan were introduced. This transformation saw Porcelanosa’s once exorbitant repair costs drop to an economically manageable level. The structured monthly billing and comprehensive coverage, encompassing planned maintenance and unforeseen repairs, provided Porcelanosa with newfound predictability and peace of mind.

With their rejuvenated fleet operating in optimal condition, the Ramsey DC now sets its sights on a remarkable 50% expansion. This ambitious endeavor could not have been possible without the implementation of these effective solutions.

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